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Horizon Ministries Bookstore on this page is powered by offering everything they sell with a small return to us for purchasing through our site. Ruth Mayfield's books purchased through Tate Publishing also support our ministry providing us the largest return for your purchase. E-books and audio books are only available through Tate Publishing. If you would like an autographed copy or to purchase through Tate Publishing click here. May the Lord bless you with increased faith and trust in Him as you read and share these books.

PLEASE NOTE: Books featured on our Book Store pages are suggestions only and do not always reflect our beliefs. All prophecy and teaching must be judged against the Word of God that you may cling to that which is True and toss aside contrary teaching. Just as you keep only the good fruit when gleaning a field. We strongly suggest you purchase books directly from your favorite ministries, as they receive the greatest amount from the book sales that way. For other purchases, please use this link to search out those books you desire for your personal study,research and entertainment in support of our ministry.

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