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Your order through this link supports our ministry!
Your order through this link supports our ministry!
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Thank you for visiting. I trust you will enjoy learning more about me personally, and I hope you will visit our web pages to learn more about our ministry in Israel, Uganda and the US. The 'About' page contains more information about me, my writing and my ministry. I pray that you are blessed and encouraged reading the materials available. If you have any questions, wish to book a speaking engagement, or you would like to give feedback on one of my books please send an email to Ruth.Mayfield @ yahoo.com
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                                    Ruth McMillan Mayfield

EVENTS:Assignment to Israel October 2016 God has provided an opportunity for Ruth to serve in Israel for the month of October. Please begin to pray that God will continue to direct her every footstep as He provides abundant prayer and financial support toward His work there in Abu Ghosh and Jerusalem. She will be serving at the House of Shalom in Abu Ghosh and visiting ministries in the Jerusalem area.

BOOKS: Ruth's books, Visions in the Night illustrating how God speaks to us in dreams, and her second book, Trusting God through the Valley, are available through the "Online Bookstore" link on the left and through Tate Publishing, Christian Bookstores and major distributors such as Amazon.com, Borders, Barnes and Nobles, etc. Click on the images to the right for more information about each of these books.

ARTICLES: Ruth has written various devotional blogs and articles which can be found on the Horizon Ministries site, and places like blogspot, myspace, facebook, FCET and at the AARP community websites. You are invited to visit her blogs and leave a comment: http://ruthmayfield.blogspot.com or http://israelview.wordpress.com or http://hineni-here-i-am.blogspot.com for examples.

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