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About the Author:

Ruth Mayfield has a long history of walking by faith with the Lord Jesus. The Bible has been her companion and guide since she was a teenager. She is passionate in sharing her love for God's Word, and His love for man. Her dramatic stories of God's miraculous intervention in her life and her family offer hope and encouragement to anyone who is struggling in life or in their faith. You are encouraged to follow her blogs and Horizon Ministries to follow her footsteps as God continues to direct them in supernatural ways. God bless you as you endeavor in your own pursuit of God and His purposes for your life.

Ruth had a divine encounter with God as a teenager. She married young, and struggled as a young wife and mother often on welfare and living by faith as she learned to trust God for his provision and protection while the family moved several times a year. She learned to love being a stay at home mom and serving God wherever they lived. God eventually led her to attend college with four young children while going through a time of abandonment and divorce. By God's grace she graduated with high honors and began an very successful career in computer software. Her love and passion for Israel through reading the Bible increased when she was finally able to begin visiting the Holy Land.

That passion for Israel created the circumstances where Ruth met her husband, Duane, in Jerusalem. They immediately co-founded Horizon Ministries with their first trip to Uganda three weeks after their marriage. Ruth left her job, her grown children and family, selling her home and possessions to pursue full-time service for God in Israel and to the nations. God soon began stirring her heart to begin writing inspirational articles and then books.

Ruth and Duane served God full time allowing him to choose their path. They are currently in Rochester, NY after living for four years in Jerusalem. Duane's encounter with a life-threatening illness has caused him to retire from full-time ministry, while Ruth continues to carry the vision of Horizon Ministries as she maintains contacts in Israel and around the world.

FOCUS: Ruth's transparency and unwavering faith are evident in both her writing and speaking. Her depth of biblical understanding and insight is inspiring to new and seasoned believers alike. She has spoken at women's meetings, at Women's Aglow, in churches across America, in conferences in Uganda, at Bible studies and on the radio. She possesses unique insight to the amazing ways God is moving in Israel and stirring hearts around the world to support Israel. As an intercessor and woman of faith she possesses a passionate belief in God's love extended to all as his unique and precious gems. She offers encouragement and godly perspective no matter how difficult anyone's circumstances, believing God has given them the power and potential to change their own lives and influence those around them in godly ways. She is available to speak at conferences, libraries, nursing homes and church groups.

PROFESSION: Duane and Ruth co-founded Horizon Ministries. Ruth is Director and webmaster for Horizon Ministries, an ordained minister, author, and international speaker. She also serves as IT and Communications Manager at Bethel Christian Fellowship in Rochester, NY. Previously, she worked as a Technical Project Manager at Soleo Communications and Nortel Networks, both telecommunications software companies. She held various positions in the software development industry for 20 years in management, code development, technical writing, customer support, and testing. She has previous experience in banking and bookkeeping. She also was blessed to raise four wonderful children as a single parent.

EDUCATION: MBA, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York; BS, Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York; graduate studies in artificial intelligence, Bible and theology.

CHURCH RELATED POSITIONS: Ruth has served in her local Christian and Messianic Congregations in many areas over the past 30+ years. She is an intercessor and has held positions which include: Bible Study Leader, Cell Group Leader, Prayer Group Leader, Christian School Bookkeeper and Nursery Coordinator. She has also lead a marketplace ministry at her previous jobs with Bible reading, study and prayer. Ruth has lived most of her life in upstate, western New York.

ARTICLES: Ruth has written various devotional blogs and articles which can be found on the Horizon Ministries site, on blogspot, myspace, facebook, FCET and at the AARP community websites. You are invited to visit her blogs and leave a comment:

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