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Click for more info about Visions in the Night, or to watch the book trailer Visions in the Night
We live in a day of divine visitations, days which angels have desired to look into (1 Peter 1:13). We hear every day of supernatural manifestations. God is speaking to His people! Are we listening? Visions in the Night reveals a unique glimpse at how our loving God speaks to us through dreams and visions to teach, encourage, and bless. READ MORE

Click for more info about Trusting God in the Valley Trusting God through the Valley
Duane faced death several times. Yet miracles follow as family and friends join their faith with Ruth to see God's miraculous intervention again and again. This is a true story of God's faithfulness when we face severe trials. You will be encouraged and your faith deepened as you read how Ruth placed her mustard seed faith in an all powerful, loving God in Trusting God through the Valley. READ MORE


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