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Visions in the Night

We live in a day of divine visitations, days which angels have desired to look into (1 Peter 1:13). We hear every day of supernatural manifestations. God is speaking to His people! Are we listening? Visions in the Night reveals a unique glimpse at how our loving God speaks to us through dreams and visions to teach, encourage, and bless. Author Ruth Mayfield shares dreams she received from God over thirty-five years along with scripturally sound interpretations, which accompany each dream. From apparent nightmares to visions of heaven, the reader is taken on journey showing Ruth's deepening relationship with the Lord. God's love, grace, and mercy shine through these pages. Transparency and unwavering faith enable her to pass on to the reader her passionate desire to know God in more intimate ways. The godly wisdom shared will bless you with insight of your own and cause greater awareness in you that our Heavenly Father is speaking to you, everyday, perhaps in Visions in the Night.

REVIEWS: (Send Ruth your feedback on how this book has blessed you!)

"It's a joy for me to recommend Ruth McMillan Mayfield to you. This wonderful ministry leader lives what she preaches, and has much to share with the Body of Messiah."

ROBERT STEARNS,executive director Eagles' Wings
By reading Visions in the Night you will be encouraged on how God can speak to you in your dreams. It helps you understand and interpret your own personal dreams. This is a very good book and worth the read. I highly recommend it.

RONALD A. DOMINA, Sr Pastor, Bethel Christian Fellowship
This book is very encouraging! I know there are a lot of people who have dreams and visions and they write me, wondering what to do with them. Your book will be a great help to those going through the process of learning God's Spirit language to them. Woven in your comments is great teaching that will also build people up.

PAM CLARK, www.prophetic.net
" As a fellow Christian author, I found VISIONS IN THE NIGHT an insightful work of God's loving provision and His unyielding desire to communicate with us. Her biblically sound interpretations give the reader clarity and understanding of dreams that initially seem to not make sense. The unique composition of Ruth's deepening relationship with the Lord welcomes us to take a closer look at the various stages of our own faith journey. It is fascinating to learn that the imagery of dreams can be linked to the symbolism found in scripture. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, dreams can communicate where we are on our spiritual walk with God. Ruth's book has been a blessing to me. Be blessed as well, as God personally speaks to you every time you dream."

"Ruth, may I testify of the value of Visions in the Night? I have written some stories and articles that have been published, and I've taught writing technique and journalism. I am a high school English teacher (teaching now), so I'm quite critical of what I read. The Lord not only gave you those particular dreams. He gave you to honor Him by keeping a journal of each one, as He brought you forward to the place where you were disciplined enough to hone in and articulate those things that truly speak of Him. While reading Visions, I found myself interacting with each chapter, remembering and confirming in my own heart many of the things the Lord revealed through your dreams. So rich!"

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