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Books Purchased through Tate Publishing support our ministry by providing us the largest return for your purchase. E-books and audio books are only available through Tate Publishing. May the Lord bless you with increased faith and trust in Him as you read and share these books.
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Visions in the Night
Dreams from God to Instruct, Encourage, Guide, and Bless
by Ruth McMillan Mayfield
"We hear every day of supernatural manifestations. God is speaking to His people! Are we listening? Visions in the Night reveals a unique glimpse at how our loving God speaks to us..." (read more)

Paperback, 248 pages - $14.99, or e-book digital download - $8.99 Buy here.
CD Audio Book - $24.99, or audio digital download - $14.99 Buy here.

Trusting God through the Valley
One Couple's Faith Journey
by Ruth McMillan Mayfield
"When her husband, Duane, collapsed, Ruth had no idea that the ministry plans they had prayerfully laid out had been shattered. The world as she knew it, and the husband she had married, were about to be transformed..." (read more)

Paperback, 232 pages - $14.99, or e-book digital download - $8.99 Buy here.

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